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Real estate purchase guide for foreigners


EU citizens

Natural and legal persons from EU member states are entitled to ownership rights of real estate in the Republic of Croatia under the same conditions as Croatian citizens.


Non EU citizens

Foreign nationals from outside the EU can buy real estate according to the reciprocity principle. When buying a real estate it is necessary to seek approval from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia. Foreign nationals without mutual consent/reciprocity can buy real estate on behalf of a company. The company needs to be founded with registered seat in the Republic of Croatia. In that case the real estate is purchased by a Croatian company in foreign ownership.



Foreign nationals cannot purchase and register the following property on their behalf: Agricultural land
Real estate located in protected areas
Before the process of buying real estate it is necessary to obtain OIB (Personal Identification Number)
A Foreign Person (a person who does not have Croatian citizenship and a legal person with headquarters outside the territory of the Republic of Croatia) for the purpose of determining and assigning PIN territorially competent branch office in Person or by Authorized person, shall submit the application form for determining and assigning PIN (below : Application), which can be downloaded from the link

with application person presents valid documents confirming the information specified in the application.




  • Application for the determination and assignment of PIN (OIB)
  • Passport – the original is to be presented for inspection, and a copy thereof should be attached to the Application
  • In exceptional cases, if the foreign natural person does not hold a passport, they shall attach to the Application the following documents:
  • European Identity Card (citizens of the European Union) or
  • Identification document issued by their state of citizenship with proof of citizenship


  • Application for the determination and assignment of PIN (OIB)
  • Deed of Establishment (decision or registry extract from the competent court, in the Croatian language or translated into the Croatian language by a certified court interpreter)


    shall be issued for the procedure of determination and assignment of PIN. Since Croatian is the official language of the Republic of Croatia, the power of attorney shall be drawn up in the Croatian language or translated into the Croatian language. The Power of attorney will be kept at the competent Tax Administration office and shall be certified by a notary public only in exceptional cases, if there is doubt of its credibility. If the power of attorney was issued to a notary public, attorney, body established under public law, or bank, the certification of the power of attorney is not necessary. If the Application is submitted by a natural person for a foreign person, the certification of the power of attorney is necessary.


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