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A guide to buying real estate

You have decided to buy real estate, or you want to buy another property.

When buying real estate most people have a lack of time to collect information, review real estate and to make a purchase decision, because of everyday life obligations. Aedium Agency can help you save time and money. Our experienced team, who has a wealth of information, can provide you with all the necessary advice such as legal affairs, negotiations, business with banks, loans, and so on. After spending the time and effort in finding real estate, avoid worrying about potential delay for the whole deal because of incomplete documentation.

Your legal security is our priority, and your satisfaction is our mission!

1. Prepare your finances

Before you start looking to buy, we recommend you confirm your finances. If you need credit (for example a mortgage or bank loan), check and arrange with the bank the amount available to yo, and the basic loan terms. If you have deposits or savings at a bank, ask about timing deadlines of deposits/withdrawal details. This will give you an insight into the size of the budget at your disposal.


2. Contact us regarding demand

The first step in finding real estate is an overview of the web portal. Current offers with Aedium Agency can be found in the following portals:

The second step is to register your request with us either by sending enquiries via email to aedium.croatia@gmail.com, or by phoning either +38520 311 344 or mobile +38591 311 3444, so that you can advise us of your wishes and requirements directly. Our agents will then try to respond to you as soon as possible.

3. Organising a tour of real estate

Our agents will do their best to save your time, and will take you to visit any real estate that we think is suitable for you. Working hours can be adjusted to your obligations, and after working hours, or weekends, by previous arrangement with the real estate owners. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 3:30pm, and Saturday from 8:30am to 1:30pm. Our telephone lines are available every day. When visiting real estate, we can also offer you transport with our company car.

4. Offer

When you find the real estate which suits you, in accordance with your finances, you should send a written offer to your agent, who will then inform the owner and discuss the best possible price for you. In addition to the price, all other common conditions must be agreed, such as a payout period, deadline for moving out of the property, disposal of existing furniture, record keeping etc. Negotiations do not represent a legal obligation until there is a signed purchase agreement and pre-contract. When the seller accepts the offer, the agent will arrange a meeting between you and the owner, as the seller, to verify the details which are necessary for the preparation of contracts and successful completion of the job.

5. Signing a contract and registration

After verifying the details for making a sales contract, we will forward the information to the legal service who will control the documentation and create a legal act. If a pre-contract is concluded, the buyer usually goes to the bank and arranges lending, which, if authorised by a creditor bank can take from 45 to 60 days. This time is needed to process a credit request, and for the payment of monies directly to the sellers bank account. After fulfillment of the preconditions which are listed in the pre-contract, then the main contract is made. 

When the bank has approved the loan, the lawyer compiles the contract of sale of real estate based on the pre-contract. The contract sides verify their signatures on the purchase contract at a public notary (the cost is included in the agency's commission fee). 

After the payment of the purchase price in full, and confirmation of receipt of the purchase price by the seller, then a proposal for registration of the property is submitted to the Land Registry Department of the Municipal Court (the cost is included in the agency's commission fee). The transfer of real estate is done after the receipt of the purchase price by the sellers side (unless otherwise contracted) along with a transcript log containing the list and status of all costs (water, electricity, utility charges, cleanliness, telephone connections etc).

When the registration is done we will contact you and give you the ownership sheet. A tax registration is made by a notary public ex officio, who submits a copy of the purchase contract to the Tax Administration. The tax is payable within 15 days of receipt of the decision. Real estate tax in Croatia is paid at 4 percent. 

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