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Location: Orašac

Property type: Projects

Orašac, as a separate urban centre within the Dubrovnik city limits, is famous for its fairy tale Soderini summerhouse dating from the sixteenth century and Our Lady of Orašac votive church dating from the fifteenth century. Its residents take care of traditions and cultural heritage. They also take care of the olive trees gardens, citrus fruit orchards and vineyards, to preserve the natural ambience. The value of the Dubrovnik micro-location Orašac has increased since the Dubrovnik bridge was built. Orašac is now closer to the city centre (old city centre), and this was noticed by world famous tourist brands (Radisson Blu and Regent). According to the urban plans, this area is intended for the development of luxury villas to prevent area devastation by excessive construction work. -Konjevac- location is situated in the most attractive part of Orašac, with a unique view of Dubrovnik and Elafit islands. It is within the zone intended for the building of luxury villas with all necessary recreation facilities. Aedium Agency ltd., through their excellent business relationships with the city, the county and the luxury hotels management, has secured VIP treatment for the owners of villas in all their facilities. We have also secured high quality service from the beach concessionaire regarding sunbathing, usage of boats and other beach recreation objects. The urban plan for Konjevac location has already been made and the larger infrastructure is completed, so future projects can be very quickly realized.

Place/Town: Dubrovnik
Price: On Request !
Inner space (m2): 6377
Outher space(m2):
Object Code: Proj-2
Energy perfomance:
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