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About us- Aedium Real Estate Agency

Dear visitors, welcome on pages of agency Aedium! We are free to introduce ourselves to you and meet you with our offer. Agency for intermediation in real state Aedium is new on Croatian market and it is specialized to the new market. We represent national and foreign physical and legal entities on national and international market. To our potential buyers of real estates and to those who want to sell some and who use our services we offer some facilities which make our business different: Our services are advertising in public, check of the real estate's condition in land register, conclusion of buying and selling contract, creation of tax return form, transposition of services to the name of new owner and book entries of new owner in land register. In co operation with our partners we are solving all administrative and technical businesses concerning real estate.

We co operate with lawyer firms and public notary, and all our clients have complete legal security

For foreign partners we do translation of all necessary documents on English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. For all our services we charge by code regulated commission
In our offer we have properties in Dubrovnik Neretva County. Also as it is mentioned above we offer book keeping service, tax advice, as well as help by registration of foreign and national companies. If you are interested in co operation, contact us, it will be our pleasure to work with you. Advertise your wishes on our pages and we will try to answer all your questions. In short lines:
1. All natural person who ask help from us when buying any kind of property, become our customer until the deal is realized. We are often in contact with client and offer everything what is actual in that moment on the market and suites our customer's conditions.
2. Customer is not obligated towards us, it can ask for offer from some other real estate agency.
3. When agency decides to buy some real estate from our offer it is not obligated to accept the agency's lawyer For making the buying and selling agreement, if the customer has it can engage its own lawyer.

ÆDIUM d.o.o.
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Tel: +385-20-311-344
Fax : +385-20-311-345
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AEDIUM D.O.O. za konzalting, trgovinu, turizam i usluge Iva Vojnovića 5, 20000 Dubrovnik • Poslovnica: Vukovarska 26/4 • MB: 1790927 • Upisan kod Trgovačkog suda u Dubrovniku pod br.
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