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Welcome to Aedium
real estate intermediation agency

Aedium real estate agency was founded in 2003, in Dubrovnik and has great experience in intermediation in buying and selling of real estate. Aedium offers complete services to its clients. Our approach to business is highly professional and we work together with our clients through all phases, from negotiation to closing of the deal. We co-operate with lawyer firms and public notaries, and we offer all our clients complete legal security. All real estate items we offer have clean documentation and proprietor's folios. Feel free to look through the list of real estate items we offer, and if there is something you like and have further questions, or if you are asking for additional documentation and advice, please, feel free to contact us.

We represent domestic and foreign physical and legal entities in Croatia and abroad and we co-operate with other international and national agencies.
To all potential real estate buyers and to those sellers who are using our services we offer several facilities that make our business stand out: advertising in public, checking of the status of the real estate with the land registry offices, conclusion of the sales contract, creation of a tax return form, transfer of owner's rights to the new owner of the real estate, filing of the change of ownership with the land registry

Together with our partners we deal with all administrative and technical situations arising from the sale of the real estate. We also offer financial, construction, and legal services. Among the financial services we offer accounting – book keeping and financial advising; among construction services, together with our partners, we offer projection, construction, and construction supervision services in addition to production of the bill of quantities. Registering and setting up of new companies is just one of the legal services we offer.

To our foreign partners we offer translation of all the necessary documents to English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Commission for all our services is calculated in accordance with our code.


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